Brooklyn Rug Cleaning

Brooklyn, NY

With the ever growing population in Brooklyn, the demand for quality Brooklyn Rug Cleaning services has grown exponentially. At Rug Cleaning New York, we have proudly stepped up to the plate to provide only the best Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn.

We offer free pickup and delivery services for all rugs, and are fully licensed, bonded and insured to the highest levels of our industry. Rug Cleaning in NYC is crucial in order to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your fine rugs.

New York City has more air borne pollutants than most of the country. These toxins are brought into your home and become embedded in your rugs, upholstery and textiles. Regular vacuuming is essential in keeping the dust from becoming un-manageable, however a proper professional nyc rug cleaning is recommended to be done at least once a year depending on the traffic.