Rug Storage

Save Space, Store Your Rugs With Us

Rug Storage
We offer all of our customers the option to store your area rugs.

In New York City and the surrounding boroughs, space is very limited and often times when someone needs to store their rugs, they simply have no room to put them.

We provide storage for flat fees on all area rugs. No contracts, or minimum time frames.

As always, the first month is FREE.

Incorporating the correct storage procedures is crucial when placing a rug into storage.

Area rugs should be cleaned prior to being stored. Storing a rug that has not been cleaned is a recipe for disaster.

The soils, bacteria and dust will attract moth and you can be in for a big shocker once you take the rug out of storage.

Area rugs should be wrapped in a breathable Tyvek Acid Free paper.

Wool has moisture content even when it is dry and thus requires a breathable wrap, otherwise you will create a mildew problem.